Our services range from advisory to consultancy, private sales, framing and installation of artworks. Our team of specialists work extensively and in close association with artists, collectors, interior designers and architects to provide a complete experience to our clients. Our most sought after services include procurement and curation of art. Our curators work towards ensuring that every artwork matches the space that it occupies providing the perfect  aesthetic appeal. We ensure the management and customization of spaces and artworks according to the requirements of our clients. With a significant presence in the art market, we offer exclusive art by several established and upcoming artists.


Vandervin Arts primarily functions as art consultants. With over 12 years of combined experience in both Residential and Corporate projects, we offer a full art consultancy service with access to initial art concepts and tailored artwork & sculpture proposals to meet projects and clients requirements.


Vandervin Arts  Apart from  consultancy services, we also work closely with dedicated and experienced art curators. The entire curation process of procurement, customization and profiling is handled by us. We ensure that our clients have access to exclusive contemporary and modern art. As curators we make it certain that the synergy between a space and the art decorating it is impeccable. We provide curation services for all types of art projects.


Vandervin Arts With an intimate knowledge of the art market and more than 12 years of experience, we offer exclusive advise on collection management and maintenance. We advise on buying art with a structured approach ensuring not only a great experience but also an authentic and sound decision.

Private Sales

Vandervin Arts with extensive network of art aficionados and artists allows us to arrange private sales and viewings for interested parties.

Other Services

Vandervin arts is a facility that strives to offer a complete experience for our clients. In accordance with our work ethic, we offer all art related services like:

Framing and Installations

Art portfolio building

Indoor and Outdoor Sculptures

Framing Facilities

Site Delivery and Installation