Vandervin arts is a boutique art consultancy founded in 2009 to create bespoke art for commercial and leisure projects and also promote and sell Modern / contemporary Indian art among residential art projects, collectors and buyers. We provide aesthetically appropriate advice on the procurement and curation of art. Specializing in contemporary and modern art, we offer services for both leisure and commercial projects. We ensure the management and customization of spaces according to the requirements of our clients. With a significant presence in the art market, we offer exclusive art and a plethora of established and upcoming artists.

We work in close association with artists, collectors, interior designers and architects to provide a complete experience to our clients. Our curators work to ensure that artwork matches with the desired environment to provide the perfect aesthetic appeal. Our services also include private viewings, framing facilities and installations. We have executed multiple prestigious projects for residential and corporate spaces.

We’re based in Dubai, a focal point for the artistic sensibilities of vastly different worlds, determined to provide exclusive art that is affordable.